12 years ago, InBev shocked the business world with the acquisition of the iconic Anheuser-Busch Brewery, paving the way for the green-yellow entrepreneurship to start looking for opportunities in the most diverse sectors of the American economy. On another level, but not less remarkable, Brazilian immigrants - each day in greater numbers and with more resources - have been also determined to start a new life and a new business. It is more than enough to flip through the internet to discover the positive results of this Brazilian invasion to the U.S. in data such as tax contribution, job generation, level of consumption, remittance of resources, etc.

None of this is new, we realize. What is still surprising, however, is the distance between the Brazilian business community in the United States and the strategic support that they could obtain from advertising agencies that have walked the same path as them. Agencies capable of offering services ranging from market research to online and offline campaigns to media relations to branding to web design to event planning and much more. If this information rings a bell with you and your business, give a Brazilian agency a shot. By the way, Pellicano’s website is pellicano.co